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Mold, Shape, Create! What is GFRC…

What is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete you ask? We’ll we’d be happy to teach you a thing or two about GFRC! Here we go!

Simple Terms: GFRC is lighter than concrete yet stronger than pure fiberglass and can be molded into shapes and curves more easily than pure concrete. Once mixed GFRC can be molded and created to replicate terra cotta, granite, limestone, cast stone or many other hard to find or expensive materials.

Technical Terms: GFRC is a mixture of Glass fiber embedded in a cement mixture. When combining these two materials we create a physical identity that cannot be created alone. In general, fibers are the principal load-carrying members, while the surrounding concrete keeps them in the desired locations and orientation protecting them from damage.

Let’s take a look at what these unique mixture can evolve into with the correct amount of skill and talent from the best concrete staining and custom flooring company in Texas:

With GFRC we can mold, shape and create any type of surface top you are thinking for your counter tops, entry ways, outdoor areas or interior spaces. This awesome combinations of chemicals allows Superior Stains of Texas to create some of the most outstanding countertop and sink creations around.


We specialize in custom GFRC shaping and edgeless, crack-free counters, sinks and table tops. This unique look allows your countertops to be one of a kind and completely custom.